Gabriele Biondo


What is OpenCrypto

It has been a long time I have been wondering to write down my notes regarding cryptograpy and cryptology. What has always stopped me was the fact I never have time. Nevertheless, I now feel that a comprehensive, formal-yet-unformal source of information is not present online. Especially, I always found myself wanting to find the analyses of crypto algorithms, which one can find, but always in a non-structured way.

So, I decided that as there was nothing I liked, I had to write it.

I am about to discuss the foundations of cryptography and cryptology, giving examples of practical implementations (typically in C. Though I love Python, I feel so¬†old-school…), discuss the “hardness” and whenever possible, show how to break the code.

The reader will need some math and statistical background. I will try and give some dry and easy material to better understand all the remaining parts.

Keep following…

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