Gabriele Biondo


I don’t like tags, I don’t like definitions. Yet I want to tell you who I am.

I am a no-frills Information Security Expert, who has a very in-depth experience in operational security matters, information risk management, and compliance. You can find more on what I’ve done through years on my LinkedIn profile.

I started as a Software Developer, and I still love to write code. I’m a somewhat “old school dude” – not liking Java nor Jawhatever languages. Way better C, C++ and ObjectiveC (yes, despite what the average guy with the Guy Fawkes mask as a pro-pic would say, I like Apple computers. No need to argue). Then I evolved as SysAdmin. Strictly Unix, though I have several scars with Windows Administration.

It was the end of 1999 when I discovered Security. By that time, it was still call, simply, “Computer Security”. Not so much fond, not even today, into using the word “cyber” – like all abused terms, it is just a buzzword, now. I’ve seen “Computer Security” paradigms’ shifting from “inside the perimeter” to “out in the cloud”; from fat clients to web applications. From PC’s to mobile devices, and lately to embedded systems. Now it’ll be IoT, and no need for a visionnaire to foresee that it’ll be even more pervasive in our lives. Eighteen years of protecting and hacking. Eighteen years of struggling changing people’s mindset. What a hard, yet motivating challenge – something that could inspire a career. At least, it did with mine. So, as much as I don’t like tags, call me what you want. Some call me “hacker”. Some call me “cyberpunk”… But my name’s still Gabriele – and no, it’s not a female name 🙂

Since more than ten years now, I am around Europe doing my magic. I love it. I love Europe, I feel European and I am proud to be that. Because it was probably the only dream that we inherited from a generation of tough people who rebuilt our countries. I’ve travelled a lot, and lived a lot abroad.

From there to Manager, it was the normal evolution: I’ve had the chance to merge all my skills into a great role, and I am happy of what I’ve chosen. I’m proud to work for an Italian Excellence, and I aim to add as much value as I can.

Apart from that, I am into mathematics, software development, underground culture, travels, and photography.

Have fun as much fun as you can, because I surely do.